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We are manufacturers of Gasket Fix, the revolutionary product that actually repairs broken gaskets, cracked head gaskets and repairs warped heads.
Save hundreds if not thousands on costly repairs. Gasket Fix repairs your broken or cracked head gasket quickly and permanently. Gasket Fix is not a temporary solution!

Unlike some other products on the market today, Gasket Fix comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

 How does Gasket Fix work?

Gasket fix is a blend of cutting edge polymer science. It is a clean liquid that does not contain any iron fillings, fiber glass pieces or other types of solid additives. These could clog up and even damage an engine. We do not use fillers.

Simply pour Gasket Fix into your cold radiator and run the engine for around an hour.

As the engine heats up it, the scientific blend in Gasket Fix will penetrate cracked and or broken head gaskets and will permanently seal the holes.

The heat from the engine will start a reaction with the Gasket Fix creating a super bond that we guarantee will last for as long as you own the car.

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